12 Best Real Estate YouTube Channels to Follow in 2022

James C Dragon

November 3, 2022

Real Estate YouTube Channels

Real estate YouTube channels can have a variety of formats. Agents can position themselves as a go-to resource, from how-to videos to market updates. Real Estate Youtube Channel also feature local business owners or do interviews. Listing videos are one of the most common formats, showcasing listings in the best light.

Max Maxwell

Max Maxwell has been a top real estate YouTube channel for the past few years. His videos are engaging, and he offers straightforward advice. His calm demeanor and lack of self-promotion make him easy to watch. He also provides valuable advice on networking in the real estate world, a complex process for a new investor.

If you’re a real estate beginner and looking for an introductory video, consider following Max Maxwell. He covers all aspects of the real estate market, including how to find wholesale properties, negotiate prices, and market properties. He started as a complete novice and grew his channel into a multi-million-dollar business. His videos provide insight into making a living as a real estate investor without spending much money.

Ryan Serhant-Real Estate YouTube Channels

Ryan Serhant is a real estate agent and a nationally recognized thought leader who has created several successful video series. His down-to-earth personality and approach make for a great content source for real estate professionals. His videos offer a candid look at what life is like as a high-end residential agent. Another popular YouTube channel is Loida Velasquez, a Southern California real estate agent who has been sharing her sales strategies for years. Her channel has over 70K subscribers, and she is one of the few female agents using YouTube to grow her business.

Serhant also uses his videos to raise awareness for breast cancer. In a recent video, he was featured as a spokesperson for breast cancer awareness. The video also helped pitch Ryan for television interviews in October. In addition to his video, Ryan posted social media updates on Facebook and Instagram, encouraging followers to donate to the American Cancer Society.

Lili Thompson

Lili Thompson, a real estate investor, and YouTube personality have a unique perspective that distinguishes her from the crowd of gurus in the sector. Her channel, Epic Real Estate Investing, features creative real estate investments, market updates, and predictions for the future.

With over two billion users worldwide and 500 hours of video uploaded every minute, you’ll find a wealth of information on real estate on YouTube. You’ll be able to learn from experts in the field and gain new insights into the business. Several types of real estate videos are available, from house flipping to investing in Airbnb. These videos are also free and provide helpful advice for novices and professionals alike.

Ryan Pineda

Ryan Pineda began his real estate career in 2010 and has since flipped hundreds of houses and purchased countless rentals. He has also founded six multi-million dollar companies in the real estate industry. In 2020, he decided to dive into social media and has since amassed 1.5M followers. His latest project is a community called Tykes, which focuses on teaching children how to be real estate investors.

Pineda began his career as a professional baseball player but eventually stopped playing to focus on real estate. After years of playing AAA baseball and professional baseball, he decided to pursue a career in real estate. He started by flipping couches, which paid up to $8k per month. This experience helped him get a feel for the local real estate market.

Bigger Pockets-Real Estate YouTube Channels

If you’re a beginner in real estate, you should subscribe to BiggerPockets, a popular YouTube channel with over 700k subscribers. The channel offers beginner-friendly videos on everything from finding a great deal to analyzing the market. It also provides helpful podcasts and valuable business advice. The track also features interviews with real estate rookies so that you can get an insider’s perspective on the industry.

The BiggerPockets YouTube channel is owned by Lili Thompson, a successful real estate investor who created the popular YouTube channel to help novices. The videos on the track provide a wealth of advice and tips, including financing a property. Subscribers will find plenty of step-by-step guides and case studies. The videos cover various aspects of the real estate industry, including analyzing markets, financing properties, and property management.

R.E. Tipster

There is a variety of real estate investing YouTube channels available today. Some are conversational, while others focus on providing information and products. These channels can be constructive for real estate investors regardless of their style. They can help people start a new business, improve their wealth-building strategies, and more.

YouTube is a precious resource for anyone interested in real estate. Real estate experts, landlords, and investors can benefit from various online videos. Many of these channels are free to view. While most are targeted at landlords, others offer helpful advice on finding deals, securing financing, and other aspects of real estate investing.

Lex Levinrad

Lex Levinrad is an expert on real estate investing and the founder of the Distressed Real Estate Institute. He has personally purchased and flipped more than one thousand single-family homes. His YouTube channel has more than 200 videos explaining how to start real estate investing. His videos cover everything from buying rental property to wholesaling houses. Subscribe to his channel to get started and learn at your own pace.

More oversized Pockets are a real estate YouTube channel that features in-house experts discussing the latest trends in real estate. Videos range from 45 minutes to one hour and are packed with valuable content about investing in real estate. The channel also features podcasts and a beginner’s guide to real estate. Currently, Bigger Pockets has over five hundred thousand subscribers. Grant Cardone also has a YouTube channel. This businessman and investor have created seven private companies and own Cardone Capital.